2018 Primary Voters' Guide
Supreme Court - Justice Position 9

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Stanley I Lippmann

Legal/Judicial Experience: My training before the Bar and my trial practice for 8 years thereafter took me before all four levels of our State Courts.  I had hundreds of satisfied clients over that time, all the while representing my client’s best interests competently. 

Other Professional Experience: Fusion Energy Research sponsored by DOE at Johns Hopkins, General Atomics, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, French National Atomics Physics Lab, Princeton, UT Austin, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Teaching physics in Beijing, Jinan, Shenzhen, and Cairo. 

Education: NYU, Physics, B.S. 1981 Johns Hopkins University, Physics, M.A. 1984 Johns Hopkins University, Physics. Ph.D. 1989 UW, Law, 1998

Community Service: No information submitted


My work in: science, engineering, business, law, politics and education, in addition to my legal career, provide me with the ability to bring more practical perspectives to the Court. Being more broadly experienced than a cloistered judge gives me more internal checks and balances rendering my judgment more fair and impartial. My role as Justice will be to apply my abilities to preserve and defend the State and Federal Constitutions and their legitimate laws which support the common good. Ultimately, we the people are free to determine what our own good is, and I will follow a duly established law so long as it obeys the Constitution. Whenever a case arises where the people decide to take their lives in a different direction, then it’s up to the people to perfect the Constitution through the Amendment process. Freedom is the lifeblood of democracy, and if it is to survive compatibly with a republican form of government, it’s time for the people to elect a Justice that will always consider us as individuals. “Let Us Raise a Standard to Which the Wise and Honest Can Repair. The event is in the hand of God.” – George Washington 5/25/1787

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