2018 Primary Voters' Guide
State Representative Pos. 2
2-year term
Legislative District 37

Coming Soon
John Dickinson
(States No Party Preference)

Elected Experience: John has been elected to chair or co-chair community organizations.

Other Professional Experience: He founded the US Post Enumeration Recovery Council, 1991;  WorldPerc Casting, 1994, and the US Cannabinoid, opioid, and Oriental Medicine Study, 2015.

Education: His education includes Irene S. Reed HS; WWU; BA and MPA Seattle University, 1995; 50+ countries; living with 75 languages in Rainier Beach

Community Service: John co-founded/co-chaired and volunteered many organizations since moving to Seattle and  Boeing in 1966. Council of Planning Affiliates, 1971; RB Neighborhood Power Project;  RBHS Site Council; RB Community Center board; RB2014 Planning and the LoWay are a few.

Statement: John wants to end babystepping. He wants to take the big steps to legalize cannabis, finally. He pleads for large strides to finally restore the Comet Lodge graveyard. He begs that the LoWay, passed by City and community in 082399, be built for the less advantaged and long walks on the Chief Si'ahl trail.

John will take the big steps for one term. He wants term limits for all elected officials. In our morally and ethically bankrupt national posture, John believes it is not too late for a state to take the lead by following the words from Aesop.

(206) 721-3113