2017 Primary Voters' Guide

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Nicolette Horaites

Elected Experience: N/A

Other Professional Experience: Reading and Writing Tutor at Antelope Valley College

Education: Studied Clothing and Textiles at Antelope Valley CollegeStudying Anthropology at Washington State University Vancouver

Community Service: Outreach Committee Chair for Young Democrats of Clark County

Statement: Real change starts at the local level. The changes our community seeks will only come through action. That’s why I’m taking action. I believe affordable housing is a basic human right and how we handle the crisis we’re facing now will determine Vancouver’s future. I plan to seek solutions that work for all of us. This includes supporting our unions and making sure living wage jobs are accessible to all. In order for this community to grow, we need an economy that grows with it. I know first hand, as a mother, that childcare is an essential service that most working class families simply can’t afford. I strongly support environmental responsibility and bringing clean jobs to our area. I know we can do more to encourage a green economy. I believe in a Vancouver with an effective local government made up of people that represent all community stakeholders. It’s time for a real change, and I’m certain I can bring that. That’s why I’m asking for your vote this election.

(360) 836-4493