2017 Primary Voters' Guide

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Robert Perkes

My name is Robert "Bob" Perkes and I want to represent you and the city of West Richland. 


My family, my home and my business are in West Richland. I am heavily invested in OUR city and its future. A future that I believe to be full of opportunity and with reason for optimism. We live in one of the best cities in Washington.


I served on both Council and Planning Commission for the City of West Richland. I have spent 3 years serving on the Salvation Army Advisory Board and a year on the State Chiropractic Board.  I coach and manage several youth sports teams. I have put in the hours and worked with the people. I can be an effective advocate from the start.


The world is changing and new challenges face cities as they prepare for the future. We must not let fear govern our choices. If WE don't make the tough choices they will be made for us. We need leaders that aren't scared of failure or hurt feelings. We need leaders with vision.  We must set a bold course and agenda for OUR city. 


I promise to think. I promise to prepare. I promise to make choices.  I promise to lead.


In the time I have lived in West Richland,  I have seen my family grow, my business grow and my city grow. I would appreciate the opportunity to help us continue to be a city we can all be proud of.


Vote Bob Perkes

For The Future Of West Richland

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