2017 Primary Voters' Guide

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Adam Hamide

Elected Experience: No information submitted

Other Professional Experience: I'm a local Vancouver business owner who cares deeply about workers and small business owners.  I employ 75 people in the city of Vancouver and offer full health, dental, and vision benefits to my employees.  My businesses have proudly generated more than $20 million in tax revenue for the state of Washington with nearly $1 million going to the City of Vancouver in the past 3 years.

Education: M.B.A. from Portland State University, B.A. is Business Administration from University of Washington, Running Start at Clark College.

Community Service: Volunteered for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.


Statement: Housing - Rental rates in Vancouver are some of the fastest rising in the entire country. This is unacceptable and it won't continue to happen on my watch. We need to ease building restrictions and government red tape, and encourage efforts to build affordable housing.

Jobs- I will promote job growth by fostering an environment that encourages businesses to come to Vancouver and stay in Vancouver. It's vital to me that jobs in Vancouver offer living wages for everyone.

Transportation- I will institue a program aimed at fixing all potholes within 72 hours, and hold people accountable to meet this goal.  Also, our bridges, roads and freeways are a mess. Vancouver is the 4th largest city in the state and we need to fight for more state and federal dollars for repairs. When the new bridge is built, I will not stand for tolls on Vancouver residents.

Crime- When it comes to the safety of Vancouver, the more police the better. I will push to increase the number of officers and cut response time.  Homelessness - I will work directly with city officials from other cities that have had success dealing with the homelessness issue and implement those policies here.


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