2017 Primary Voters' Guide

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James (Jimmy Tee) Taylor

Elected Experience:  No information submitted.

Other Professional Experience:   Member IATSE; Founder; Fort Vancouver TV, Public Access of Vancouver Washington

Education:  ESH class of 1981

Community Service:  ~ Bernie Progressive Caucus leader; historian


Statement: I am a lifelong Evergreen School District resident. We said 50 years ago is that every kid in this country should be able to get a high school education regardless of the income of their family. School voucher programs are generally funded by state governments and offer parents reimbursements for the amount that it would cost to educate their children in public school to be used towards private school tuition. I argue that vouchers funnel public funds into private and religious institutions.

I strongly opposed to any voucher system that would re-direct public education dollars to private schools, including through the use of tax credits. I  do not oppose charter schools, but seek to ensure that they are run in ways that benefit the students. As  all children deserve a quality education, affordable healthcare, affordable childcare, & access to nutritious food.

Reduce class size: Reduce class size to 18 children in grades 1 to 3; Do away with fill-in-the-bubble standardized tests; Education begins before age 4 or 5;  Quality affordable education, from child care to higher ed.

Anyone who comes forward and says "cut education", is moving us in exactly the wrong direction.

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