2017 Primary Voters' Guide

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Jacob N. Kerr

Elected Experience:  None

Other Professional Experience:   Full time Assistant Store Manager at a successful restaurant in East Vancouver.

Education:  Hudson's Bay High School (honor roll). President's Education Awards Program Certificate. Associates in Business from Clark College. Currently earning a double major in accounting and management information systems from Washington State University, Vancouver Campus.

Community Service:  Vancouver West Soccer Club (little kid's soccer coach), Americans Building Communities (volunteered with revitalizing Rose Village)



We all know that Vancouver deserves changes that are enthusiastic, decisive, and fair. I will focus on keeping what works for our community while championing solutions for challenges our community faces. If voters approve a bridge solution, I will support that decision with fiscal and ethical implementation processes. I will focus my energy on creating more living wage jobs and assisting small business growth in our community.

To illustrate my personal fiscal responsibility, I have paid my way through school while maintaining a full time assistant store managerial position at a restaurant on the East side of Vancouver. I not only talk about being responsible, I also walk the walk. I will stand for our local government being responsible with taxpayer resources while actively seeking compassionate solutions for homeless people and citizens with low and fixed incomes.

If elected to our city council, I will commit to be impartial, find common ground, and will work full-time as your representative on city council.  I will always work towards evidence based solutions while demanding that our other council members use the same wise and ethical decision making processes to serve our community.

Vote for Jacob Kerr.


(360) 909-9199