2014 Primary Voters' Guide

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Lynda Messner

Elected Experience: Former Candidate Bonney Lake City Council 2007 and 2009; Democratic candidate for State Senate, 2014, Charter proposition to City of Bonney Lake Citizens.

Other Professional Experience: Construction background, Accounting services and Tax Preparation; IRS tax workshops and continuous education; Creation of business methods and accounting set up for most efficient and audit ready flow of information and record keeping for other businesses.

Education: High School Diploma, IRS workshops, Tax preparation Construction industry project management job experience.

Community Service: Mother of 3 children, 4 grandchildren, 10 years of PTA involvement and Treasurer Training with Puyallup Council PTSA, Friends of White River wetland restoration project.

Statement: If elected by the voters of the 31st district, I will bring compassionate, commonsense leadership to state government. As your state senator, I will work on keeping government reigned-in and focused on providing for the essential services that best support our community needs. My main goal is quality K-12 education, transportation that supports commerce and growth, law enforcement and community support building programs like housing and job building.

As a Democrat, I believe the government should not be making laws that intrude into our personal lives.

As a businesswoman I have used my education and experience to develop business management tools by helping other businesses asses their problems, find solution, incorporate compliance issues and understand their processes. I believe that these skills could be applied to our state's governance for quality representation and service to our community as your Senator.

While there are many financial challenges in state government during this economic struggle, sound business practices should be implemented - not balancing the budget on the backs of working families. I am a lifetime resident of Washington State and with your support, we can send courageous, responsible leadership to Olympia. I would be honored to earn your vote.

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