2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Craig Durgan

Elected Experience: Never held elected office. Ran 2 years ago for Representative District 24 Pos. 1

Other Professional Experience: Worked 33 years as a marine engineer. Currently employed as Chief Engineer on a Drillship.

Education: No information submitted

Community Service: Worked as a member of the Jefferson County Citizens Alliance for Property Rights.

Statement: I am honored to be a certified write-in candidate. A total of 937 people placed my name on the ballot. My goal is to represent the citizens of District 24, not the PACs based in the Seattle-Tacoma area and elsewhere outside of our district.

I believe the most important issue facing our District is the destruction of property rights. What has been ignored is the economic component in the promotion of environmental regulations. This has hurt the economy and cost us jobs. A vote for me is a vote to end this destruction of our rights.

(360) 774-0086