2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Kshama Sawant

Elected Experience: I've never been a corporate politician. I'm a working-class activist.

Other Professional Experience: I've taught economics at Seattle Central Community College, Seattle University, and UW Tacoma.

Education: B.S., Computer Science, University of Mumbai; Ph.D., Economics, North Carolina State University.

Community Service: As a member of AFT union local 1789, I've fought against the massive budget cuts to education. I've been active in organizing peaceful Occupy Wall Street protests. I'm an organizer with Socialist Alternative, which fights for workers, people of color, women, and the environment. I helped organize the 2009 LGBTQ March for Equality and the 2012 Unite Against the War on Women protests.

Statement: Since 2008, the Democratic-majority state government has slashed $10.5 billion from education, healthcare, and human services. Meanwhile, wealthy corporations were handed over 500 tax exemptions, totaling $6.5 billion/year - enough to reverse all cuts and expand services. If elected, I'll consistently argue for a massive green-jobs program and expanding public transit, education, and statewide single-payer healthcare. To fund these programs, we should tax the corporate elite. Big business has two parties, we need one of our own. Vote for a candidate of the 99%.

Endorsers include: The Stranger, Rev. Rich Lang, Cindy Sheehan, Geov Parrish

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