2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Virgil Goode / James N. Clymer

Elected Experience: United States House of Representatives (1997-2009); Virginia State Senator (1973-1997).

Other Professional Experience: Army National Guard (1969-1973).

Education: Juris Doctorate, University of Virginia (1973); B.A. University of Richmond (1969).

Community Service: No information submitted 


Vice President
Elected Experience: No information submitted.

Other Professional Experience: Admitted to Pennsylvania Bar (1978); senior member of a general practice law firm; admitted to practice before Pennsylvania Supreme Court and Third Circuit Court of Appeals; has represented clients in cases dealing with constitutional/religious liberty issues, including the American Center for Law and Justice, National Legal Foundation, Rutherford Institute and Home School Legal Defense Association; Chairman, Constitution Party National Committee (1999-2012).

Education: Juris Doctor, Washburn University School of Law (1978); B.S. History, Millersville University (1972).

Community Service: Active in church and para-church organizations, serving as deacon, elder, and teacher; board of directors for Dayspring Christian Academy. 

Statement: The President of the United States should carefully follow our Constitution. Following our Constitution will mean a more limited Government and a greater protection of our Constitutional Rights. I favor a balanced budget now. With a debt of 16 trillion dollars, we must not only balance our budget but start reducing our debts. I favor eliminating a number of programs and departments, such as No Child Left Behind, NEA Funding, Public Broadcasting Funding, eliminating the Federal Government from public education, and reducing or eliminating a number of secretaries. I also favor reducing funding for the Executive Branch and eliminating the Czars.

I want jobs in America to go first to United States citizens. I favor totally eliminating illegal immigration and stopping the magnets that attract illegals to our Country. For example, ending automatic birth right citizenship for children born of illegals in the United States. I also favor a nearly complete moratorium on new green cards while unemployment is at such high levels and until unemployment falls below 5%. Jobs in America should go to U.S. Citizens first and not to those from other countries. Our first priority must be good paying jobs for U.S. Citizens.

I have a consistent pro-life voting record and would be a strong supporter of life as President.

I have consistently supported defining marriage as being between one man and one woman. I was a co-sponsor of and a supporter of the Federal Marriage Amendment, defining marriage as being between one man and one woman. I support DOMA and was proud to participate in the Chick-Fil-A turnout.

I also support an audit of the Federal Reserve.

I am a native of Virginia where I live with my wife Lucy. We have one daughter and a grandson.

(540) 483-9030