2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Ross C. (Rocky) Anderson / Luis J. Rodriguez

Elected Experience: Mayor, Salt Lake City, 2000-08.

Other Professional Experience: Roofer, truck driver, server, buck fence builder. Lawyer (civil rights, professional negligence, antitrust, securities fraud, financial institution fraud) for 21 years. Founder and Executive Director, High Road for Human Rights, 2008-12.

Education: B.S. (magna cum laude), University of Utah, 1973; J.D. (with honors), George Washington University Law School, 1978.

Community Service: President of Boards of ACLU of Utah; Citizens for Penal Reform (founder); Guadalupe Educational Programs. Member, Boards of Planned Parenthood Association of Utah; Common Cause of Utah; International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). Member Advisory Committee, Freedom to Marry.


Vice President
Elected Experience: Recognized for forty years working in urban peace and gang intervention in the U.S., Latin America, and Europe. Works on immigrant rights, labor rights, justice against police abuse, quality education, poverty, homelessness, and the prison industrial complex.

Other Professional Experience: Author of fifteen books of poetry, children's literature, and nonfiction, including two memoirs. Co-founder, Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural and independent press, Tia Chucha Press.

Education: Mark Keppel High School in Alhambra, attended East Los Angeles College and California State University, Los Angeles.

Community Service: Co-founder of Network for Revolutionary Change, coordinating leading thinkers and organizers to strategize for justice, peace, and cooperation. 

Statement: My campaign is about deeply shared values, focused on achieving greater economic, social, and environmental justice for all. Instead of falling in line with the dominant parties that have created a militarist and corporatist government for sale to the highest bidders, we are calling for people to aspire to a government that is genuinely of, by, and for the people.

Peace and prosperity require (1) proven pre-school and secondary educational opportunities so that everyone has a chance to excel; (2) the chance for everyone to obtain a college or technical education without crushing debt, just as our forebears committed to secondary education for all; (3) returning outsourced jobs to the U.S and putting millions of people to work in a WPA-like initiative; (4) equal rights under the law, regardless of race, religion, and sexual orientation; (5) a restorative criminal justice system that focuses on problem-solving, rather than on punishment and retribution (including an end to the disastrous "war on drugs"); (6) a Medicare-for-all system that will provide essential healthcare for everyone, be less expensive, and provide better medical outcomes; and (7) responsible environmental stewardship, including protection of the climate through utilization of clean energy sources.

My foreign policy will promote peace and respect for human rights, not the empire-building wars of aggression supported by both major parties. I will promote long-term U.S. security and build better relationships with other nations by ending the immoral drone killings that have killed hundreds of innocent civilians, the assassinations of U.S. citizens without any semblance of due process, and the claim of authority to indefinitely detain even U.S. citizens without charges, trial, legal assistance, or right of habeas corpus. I will dismantle the imperial presidency and restore a government in harmony with fundamental U.S. values and our Constitution.

(801) 990-5300