2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Gary Johnson / James P. Gray

Elected Experience: Governor of New Mexico, 1995 - 2003

Other Professional Experience: I am an entrepreneur, having grown a one-man business to one of New Mexico's largest construction companies and employing more than 1,000 people. After selling that business and serving two terms as Governor of New Mexico, I served as Honorary Chairman of the Our America Initiative, a public policy advocacy organization devoted to promoting free markets, individual liberties and smaller government.

Education: B.S., University of New Mexico

Community Service: Advisory Council, Students for Sensible Drug Policy; Honorary Chair, Our America Initiative 


Vice President
Elected Experience: By appointment of the Governor, served 25 years as a trial court judge in Orange County, California.

Other Professional Experience: Criminal defense attorney with U.S. Navy JAG Corps, federal prosecutor in Los Angeles, private attorney in the practice of business litigation.

Education: J.D., University of Southern California; B.A., UCLA

Community Service: Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica; California Juvenile Justice Commission; California Judicial Council; California Department of Drug and Alcohol Planning, and many more commissions.

Statement: After having built a successful business, I entered public service by asking the people of New Mexico to give me an opportunity to bring common sense leadership to the Office of Governor. I pledged to reduce taxes, reduce the size of state government, and get government out of the way of job creation, individual freedom, and innovation. I was elected, and reelected to a second term. The size of state government was, in fact, reduced, tens of thousands of private sector jobs were created, and the state moved from operating in the red to having a billion dollar surplus.

During my eight years as Governor, taxes were reduced 14 times, and never raised. I vetoed approximately 750 bills passed by the state legislature, in keeping with my determination to reduce the size and cost of state government. When I left office, being term limited, New Mexico had a budget surplus and private sector job creation had increased substantially.

I am seeking the Office of President of the United States because the nation desperately needs that same kind of leadership today. Good government is easy when politics are put aside and common sense applied. I pledge to submit a balanced budget to Congress in 2013, to veto, as I did in New Mexico, any legislation that will result in deficit spending, and to create an environment of regulatory certainty that will allow the private sector to put Americans to work and let free people live their lives without fear of unnecessary government interference.