2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Tim Sutinen

Elected Experience: I'm a father, a husband, and an entrepreneur. I'm not a career politician.

Other Professional Experience: I'm the owner of a small business which employs people in family wage jobs. A job is the best welfare program and I have experience creating jobs.

Education: Seasoned small business owner.

Community Service: When City of Longview installed red light cameras without asking voters, I took action and helped collect necessary petition signatures to give citizens the right to vote. With your support I'll bring the same action to the Legislature.

Statement: My #1 priority is to restore a healthy economic climate and jobs by reducing red tape and tax burden: it's time to start rewarding innovation instead of punishing it. I will listen to the voters who have repeatedly voted for the state to balance its budget without tax increases. I will fight crony and political sacred cow payoffs and assaults on our personal freedoms.

I will also support legislation that honors promises made to our seniors, upholds property rights, and protects our right to bear arms. I'm a Life Member of the NRA. I would appreciate your vote.

(360) 562-0436