2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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David Spring

Elected Experience: Legislative Chairperson, Opstad Elementary School PTA.

Other Professional Experience: Instructor, Bellevue College. Researcher, University of Washington. Successful Small Business Owner and Manager. Director, Fair School Funding Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring school funding in Washington State.

Education: Washington State University: Bachelor of Science Education, University of Washington: Master's Degree in Education.

Community Service: After college, David served as a VISTA volunteer starting an alternative school for at risk youth. He also served with King County Search and Rescue and on King County and Washington State Planning Commissions. David is a homeowner in North Bend and a leader of the Washington Public Bank Coalition.

Statement: We pay some of the highest State taxes in the nation. Yet our children attend some of the lowest funded, most overcrowded schools. Precious tax dollars that should go toward schools have instead been diverted, by our corporate dominated legislature, into billions of dollars in out of control tax breaks for wealthy multinational corporations. As a consequence, thousands of teachers have been fired and public safety budgets have been slashed while taxes on the rest of us have skyrocketed.

I will work hard to save our schools, restore jobs, rebuild our economy and reign in corporate corruption of our Democracy!

(425) 876-9149