2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Kristin Thompson

Elected Experience: This is my initial run for elected office

Other Professional Experience: Registered Dental Hygienist 1996-Present. Professional leadership and development training 1996-present.

Education: Kristin graduated from Yakima College in 1996 with a Degree in Dental Hygiene.

Community Service: Appointed precinct captain in 2010. Kristin has volunteered for Friends of the Cedar River Watershed. She was treasurer of Lindbergh PTA, lead parent and treasurer of Lindbergh Football Parent Group, Lindbergh scholarship committee volunteer, and Renton School District bond and levy committee member in 2008. She and her husband Mark attend New Life Church in Renton and her son Chris attends EWU studying pre-med.

Statement: Kristin is a wife, mother, and lifelong Washington resident. Kristin’s skills as an excellent listener and communicator have served her well in her dental hygiene career and in her efforts working with people of all backgrounds in the community. She finds common ground with people of differing opinions while staying true to her core principles.

She has been a passionate participant in Renton schools. Among her contributions listed above, her initiative and leadership were essential in revitalizing her son’s high school football program, which began in shambles and $20,000 in debt. Kristin built coalitions with administrators, coaches, students, and parents, getting the program renovated and back in the black.

As an informed and concerned citizen, Kristin understands our top concerns include jobs, education, and wasteful government spending. She will utilize teamwork, leadership, and vision to bring your voice to Olympia. She will roll up her sleeves and work hard to prioritize spending, attract good businesses and great-paying jobs to the state, and find solutions to improve and fund education. Working together on these issues, we can position ourselves for success and prosperity now and for years to come.

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