2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Tamra Smilanich

Elected Experience: Chair of Othello Neighborhood Association, chair of growing political organization, P.C.O.

Other Professional Experience: Private contractor in public and private schools. Negotiator of housing contracts, rental and purchase. Worked for Parks and Recreation, the non-profit Atlantic Street Center organization (helping families and children) and private business in real estate and the hospitality industry.

Education: University of Washington B.A. Sociology and Social Welfare, Shoreline Community College A.A. with emphasis in criminal justice, Green Energy training through Energy STAR and Washington State Building Code Council, Code of Ethics.

Community Service: Neighborhood Association Chair, Citizen Respondent to City Council hearings and forums, member of NAR, WAR and SKAR.

Statement: From my community involvement, our changing neighborhoods need representation. Livable communities need jobs (to decrease crime) and good schools. Old Government borrows and spends for special interest developers and planners, resulting in poor streets, limited public facilities hours and high rents due to diversion of revenue. Old Government continues to strain vital service programs, people’s retirement accounts and working class paychecks.

Unfunded mandates restrict educators’ flexibility to teach our diverse students. My experience with schools reaffirms basic education is fundamental. Time for new government; Respecting the voice of the People, reprioritizing the budget and continuing to protect our civil rights.

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