2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Larry Carter

Elected Experience: I ran a unique race for State Legislature in 2010 refusing to take campaign donations and am now endorsed by my former rivals from both parties.

Other Professional Experience: Served 20 years U.S. Navy as a Nuclear Power Plant Operator/Supervisor/Trainer. Retired as Command Master Chief, the Navy's highest possible enlisted grade. Command responsibility included; training, performance, welfare and morale of over 600 enlisted sailors.

Education: Attended college for four years, fell in love, joined the Navy, still happily married to that girl I met 45 years ago

Community Service: Member Submarine Service Vets and American Legion. Volunteer Chef for social events and organizations

Statement: I’m running for State Senate to provide an independent voice not beholden to the political parties or special interests, but instead focused on the priorities of our working families, small businesses and communities.

My top priority in the State Senate will be to create jobs. We need to remove the excessive regulations hurting our local economy, provide workforce development training for those who want to pursue new careers and provide tax credits for companies willing to create new jobs in our communities.

I believe our schools are underfunded with low standards and weak accountability measures. I’ll work to reform our schools by rewarding excellence and sending more money directly to the classroom. We also need to reform state government by stopping reckless spending and waste.

Most voters I talk to have an independent mindset regardless of party affiliation. In the Senate, I will listen first and invite discussion and earnest debate to earn my independent vote. I will work with both parties, and that’s why I’ve earned the endorsements of my former Republican and Democrat opponents. The only way to change state government is to change the people we elect to represent us. I humbly ask for your vote.

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