2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Howard A. Pellett

Elected Experience: Appointed 6 years Bothell Planning Commission, elected 4 years Bothell City Council, chosen chair Green Party of Skagit County 10 years.

Other Professional Experience: Significant IRS experience investigation and prosecution of foreign tax evasion schemes and white collar crime.

Education: Bachelor of Science in accounting.

Community Service: Activist formerly involved with the North Sound Alliance. Currently involved with Living Democracy-Skagit. Also President of the Guemes Island Property Owners Association and Alverson Tract Owners Association. Self help group facilitator for Smart Recovery, a substance abuse program with meetings conducted at Monroe Prison, the Everett Community Justice Center and Anacortes. Endorsed by the Green Party of Washington.

Statement: I'm asking you to "throw your vote" away, not vote for the lessor of two evils. The sooner we begin to cause candidates of major parties to lose elections, the sooner we'll chang the system. We limit campaign contributions to $100 from individuals only.

Issues I promise to work on are the Motion to Amend the constitution to eliminate corporate person hood, the movement to acquire Community Bills of Right, a State Bank and opposition to the planned coal ports proposed for the Northwest which are estimated to send 150 million tons of coal to Asia, adding to global climate change.

(360) 293-8128