2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Eleanor Walters

Elected Experience: Eleanor is seeking to hold her first elected office.

Other Professional Experience: Administered contracts for Starbucks Corporation, developed policy as VP of Operations for an Internet firm, taught at community colleges, supervised ticket counter agents for major airlines, worked as deckhand on an Alaskan crab boat.

Education: Bachelors in Public Affairs from Oregon University; Law degree from Gonzaga University.

Community Service: Regularly attends community meetings around the 39th legislative district, including US Hwy 2 Safety Coalition and North Sound Mental Health Association. Past president of the League of Women Voters of Anchorage. Active in swim clubs and church congregation.

Statement: It's time for real reform in government. Gridlock happens because both sides bicker to the point where nothing gets done. It shouldn't take expensive special sessions just to get a budget. Let's break the gridlock, stop caving in to big money, and rise above party politics. That's the change we need.

Eleanor is a trained mediator who will bring common sense to Olympia. She'll listen first, then make the tough calls. Let's fully fund education, invest in US-2 and Highway 9, and balance our budget. Eleanor will work on behalf of everyone regardless of party or power. Vote Eleanor Walters

(360) 863-3699