2012 General Election Voters' Guide
State Executive

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Clint Didier

Elected Experience: No information submitted

Other Professional Experience: Farmer/rancher, owner of Back Forty Farms, our second-generation family farm; NFL player 1981 – 1989; Presidential appointee to Washington State Committee of national Farm Service Agency 2000-2008.

Education: Graduated from Connell High School; B.S in Political Science, Portland State University.

Community Service: Connell High School Football Coach 1999-2009, coaching teams that included my three sons (I also have one daughter with my wife of 30 years, Kristi, and 2 grandchildren), and winning 2 state championships; Charity Tournament Director, “Fighting Children’s Cancer” 2004-2010; Member, Washington State Farm Bureau.

Statement: In Washington, we depend on the land for food, homes, business and recreation. But “We the People” also own millions of acres held in trust for us. Revenues from those lands (now, more than $200 million) finance school construction and many county services. But the state projections show that those revenues are likely to go down in coming years.

But we can turn that around to protect our children’s’ future by generating more revenues through sustainable uses of these properties.

I am a steward of the land-a second generation farmer in the "breadbasket" known as the Columbia Basin, and an avid sportsman. In order to be sustainable, I must farm the land to be as productive as possible but at the same time regard all environmental concerns including land/water quality, and preservation of wildlife.

Much of the public lands are located in areas that have had little “say” in Olympia. My goal is to change that process. And I will run Department of Natural Resources as a lean organization, watching over taxpayer dollars. I’m a farmer who knows the land, the forests, the water and the wildlife. I’d like to manage them for the citizens of Washington.

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