2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Sarah Sanoy-Wright

Elected Experience: Precinct committee captain working with local businesses and citizens to keep our community informed of important legislation and issues

Other Professional Experience: Self-employed, and a professional interpreter for court and other proceedings

Education: 30 Years of Post-Secondary Educational Experience

Community Service: District 11 Republicans, Tea Party Patriots, Filipino Community of Seattle, Friends of Filipino in America, and wife of a Navy veteran.

Statement: An expert in public policy and business with common sense and family values. Sarah will bring a wealth of effective solutions to the state legislature.

Our priorities include: Creating a fiscally responsible State Government that will keep tax rates low on income and consumption, manage the revenue system in a sensible manner on sustainable programs, and balance the state budget. Also, our goal is to protect and improve education with Student-Centered results and to protect our state treasures. Heart to God, Hand to Man, Brings Healing to our Land. I appreciate your vote. Thank you!

(253) 302-1481