2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Richard Reuther

Elected Experience: No information submitted

Professional Experience:
Transit Operator, King County Metro; Educator, Edmonds, WA; Guest Teacher, Richland, Pasco, WA

Education: University of Washington, Central Washington University, BA in Ed, MEd- Master Teacher

Community Service: Fifth generation Washingtonian; Moderator, Lake City Christian Church, Shalom United Church of Christ; Founder, UPstage! Theatre; Founding Member Shoreline Arts Council, 11 years; Member, Richland Arts Commission, 5 years, Chair 2 years; Judge, National History Day; Volunteer, Delta High School, Richland, WA.

Statement: The State's "paramount duty" is to "make ample provision for the education of all children;" the Legislature must implement the decision of the Courts and properly fund education. Quality higher education is crucial to building a better economy; costs must be made affordable again. Creating good paying jobs for all workers must be our focus rather than bailing out big corporations with tax breaks. While government must be fiscally responsible, firing teachers, firemen and clerks will not grow us out of recession.

Predicted increases in Tri-Cities' economic and population growth requires cultural, recreational, and infrastructure improvements to be started now.

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