2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Pablo Gonzalez

Elected Experience: Washington State Latino Caucus Secretary (2012-Present), President of Central Washington University Boxing Club (2010-Present), Vice-President of Extraordinary Men Pursuing Intellectual Readiness through Education (2011-Present), Washington State Student Advisory Committee (2007-2008), Officer of the Public Policy Club at Central Washington University (2012), Officer of the Political Science Club at Central Washington University (2012)

Other Professional Experience: No information submitted

Education: Pursuing Major in Political Science; Minor; Organizational Communications; Spanish

Community Service: Researcher at National Social Science Association (2010-Present), Cross Cultural Leadership Program (2009-Present), Officer of the Public Policy Club at Central Washington University (2012), Washington Student Association (2009-Present), Parking Appeals Committee (2011-Present)

Statement: I will graduate from Central Washington University in 2013 with a degree in Political Science and double minor in Organizational Communications and Spanish. I am ready to take on the issues that affect our district today. I will support our local schools being a strong advocate for both teachers and students. I will sponsor legislation that supports businesses and creates economic development. I will also support legislation that will address local farmers growing demand for water in the agricultural industry. I look forward to opportunity in representing the 15th district! I thank you for your support.

(509) 314-9941