2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Tony Stephens

Elected Experience: None

Other Professional Experience:
 Twenty year veteran of the US Army Infantry. I have held numerous leadership positions in the Army, holding Confidential, Secret and Interim Top Secret Clearances. I am a ten year employee of Northrop Grumman. I work at Naval Base Kitsap.

Education: Two years of college. Graduate of the Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course; Army Instructor's Course; and the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense Course.

Community Service: I have donated Blood Plateletpheresis, used to treat infants with cancer, at the American Red Cross. I volunteer at my church and have volunteered at the Wenatchee Valley Medical Center.

Statement: The status quo has to go. State Government in Washington is dysfunctional and out of touch with citizens and taxpayers. The answer to every problem seems to be more taxes, bigger government, and more regulation over our lives and businesses. I believe strongly that government must answer to We The People, and not be enslaved to unions and narrow special interests. I strongly support the right of the people to legislate through the initiative process, and I believe the Legislature and courts must honor the will of the people as expressed in that process.

(360) 930-3059