2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Frank Chopp

Elected Experience: State Representative from 1995 to now. Speaker of the Washington State House of Representatives from 1999 to now (including three years as Co-Speaker).

Other Professional Experience: Advisor at Solid Ground, a non-profit organization, formerly known as the Fremont Public Association, which provides a wide array of social services to thousands of low-income people.

Education: BA Degree, University of Washington. National Merit Finalist, East High School in Bremerton.

Community Service: Over 35 years of community service, including as Executive Director of the Fremont Public Association for many years. Numerous awards for public and community service.

Statement: As the Democratic nominee for this position, I ask for your vote. As Speaker of the Washington State House of Representatives, I built a constructive majority that enacted a progressive agenda focused on education, health care, and jobs.
In the 2012 session, we approved a $1 billion Jobs Now Act creating over 20,000 new jobs; adopted a budget with no further cuts to education; saved the safety net including Apple Health for all Kids, Basic Health Plan, and Disability Lifeline; began to implement the Opportunity Scholarship program for financial aid to low and moderate students, and enacted Marriage Equality.

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