2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Barbara Bailey

Elected Experience: State Representative 2003-2012.

Other Professional Experience: Owner, business training and management firm; Member, National Speakers' Association and Northwest Speakers' Association; Past National Director, Hotel Sales and Marketing Association International; Chair, Select Committee on Pension Policy; Co-Chair, Select Committee on Veterans and Military Affairs; Assistant Ranking, Ways and Means Committee; Health Care Committee; Ranking, Business and Financial Services.

Education: BS degree in psychology, University of the State of New York; Certified Marketing Executive; Certified Hotel Administrator.

Community Service: Active in local church; National Director, U.S. Navy League, working to improve support provided to families of active duty military personnel; Member, Chamber of Commerce.

Statement: I am running for the State Senate because we must set a new direction for Washington State. Over the past few years I have seen what the struggling economy has done to our hard working families and employers. The lack of job stability and economic opportunity has left many people wordering about the future and whether or not there is hope. As in the past, I will continue to fight for better common sense solutions. Political infighting is tearing our state and nation apart while job creating policies have been overlooked.

As your State Representative, I opposed the largest tax increase in state history, chose to cut my salary during times of crisis, used my small business experience to promote job-creating policies, and always have put your interests first.

As your State Senator, I will continue those policies. I will focus on private sector job creation; continue to support the requirement for two-thirds vote of the legislature to raise taxes; insist on amply funding basic education; and, increase government accountability to taxpayers. I will continue to work with everyone, Democrats and Republicans, to achieve solutions.

It's time for a new direction. I humbly ask for your vote.

(360) 679-2055