2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Mary Baechler

Elected Experience: No information submitted

Other Professional Experience: Mary is a 56 year old mother of three. Former CEO of the Baby Jogger Company, for 18 years. This family business created over 400 jobs, excelled in customer service and the world's best jogging stroller, and was the last stroller manufacturer  producing strollers in the U.S. Selling over a million strollers,  Baby Jogger Co was named among the 20 best companies to work at in Washington State.

Education: B.S. General Studies, W.S.U.

Community Service: Served on the late Michael Kennedy's non-profit Stop Handgun Violence; original volunteer/organizer for the Obama campaign 2007/early 2008 Yakima County. Volunteered in Citizenship and ESL classes.

Statement: I am happy to have the chance to serve the people of the 4th Congressional District, and the further responsibility of serving all the people of this great county.

I am running for Congress because I will bring some of the best principles of business to serving in this office; listening to customers (you, the voter!); following best practices to simplify government, and the principles of beautiful and dedicated customer service. When we have a business we serve everyone, and we strive to always do the right thing for all our customers. These principles of service are embodied in the phrase "We, the People".

Serving as your Congresswoman means always asking, what is the right decision for all the people we serve? 1. My number one priority will be to preserve Social Security and Medicare. We cannot give Seniors a voucher or coupon for a benefit they have counted on, and I will work to preserve Social Security and Medicare. 2. End the Recession and create jobs; this will only happen with fair taxation. Fair taxation must help the middle class and lower-income Americans; this gives consumers actual dollars to spend on necessities, in stores in their home town. 3. Preserve Women’s rights (and everyone’s rights) to full healthcare and equal pay.

We created over 400 jobs at Baby Jogger; I will use my business background to look for ways to increase jobs via business innovation and fostering new markets - especially for the farm and manufacturing products of Central Washington. One of the greatest honors of my life was serving the families and children that were our customers at Baby Jogger; I hope you will consider allowing me to be your Congresswoman, and to serve all of you. Thank you, and best wishes.

(509) 961-2792