2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Larry Seaquist

Elected Experience: Larry delivers results. Stepping up to lead Higher Education he put the committee on a bi-partisan footing and enlisted statewide student and business support. Result: he stopped years of cuts to education, overhauled college and university management, and increased student aid by $124m.

Other Professional Experience: When not at sea in command, Larry led reforms of national budget strategy and cost control.

Education: BS, Oregon State University 1963; Federal Executive Fellow 1977.

Community Service: Co-founder with wife of 35 years, Carla, of Refreshing Democracy program giving local citizens a voice in public policy. Larry’s citizen teams have tackled ferry reform, teacher excellence, and youth obesity.

Statement: Larry Seaquist, called “the hardest working person in the legislature,” concentrates on boosting our economic recovery through education. His goal: help more people move to high skills, high pay jobs. A fiscal hawk, Larry insists we cut state spending in favor of education.

Believing legislators shouldn’t be rewarded if they can’t get their work done on time, Larry again refused reimbursement for the Legislature’s special sessions. When the budget cut teachers’ pay by 3%, Larry voluntarily cut his own pay 5%. A 32-year Navy veteran who captained 4 warships, Larry remains on duty for our vets and their families.

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