2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Will Benge

Elected Experience: No information submitted

Other Professional Experience: I served as the Chief Executive Officer to Summer Racing Academies, a non-profit organization that aimed to make math and science and engineering and hydrogen fuel-cell technology and education all bundle into one exciting and thrilling online curriculum and then summer camp challenge. 

Education: America's greatest achievers are self-made, and know how to acquire specialized knowledge in a timely, effective and affordable manner.

Community Service: No information submitted

Statement: I will use my office, if elected, to foster local business, and to reduce excessive municipal and state burdens. I will promote affordable education and free enterprise, and visit each brick and mortar in the district. I will implement a new business network model. I intend to work with agencies to revise state building codes to accommodate emergency stand-alone power supply. I aim to develop emergency preparedness programs for every neighborhood, and a volunteer-driven animal recovery program. I will advocate for the introduction of vegetable gardens and fruit trees into urban and suburban parks, neighborhoods and open spaces.

(206) 734-8176