2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Dawn McCravey

Elected Experience: 2007-present, Northshore School Board- served as Legislative Representative and Board President. Worked to: re-prioritize improved curriculum, focus new board/district goals on student achievement, endorse most comprehensive education reform bill in 20 years, improve academic rigor and student accessibility, preserve student programs, protect employees during devastating budget cuts, and put kids first.

Other Professional Experience: Special education teacher with extensive experience

Education: Degrees in Elementary and Special Education from the University of Texas

Community Service: 25+ years in Girl Scouts, 10 years in Boy Scouts, PTSA lifetime member, LEV Key Activist, led effort to save the North Creek Forest with Help Our Woods (HOW)

Statement: Olympia politicians claim to have reformed education. They have not. For decades, the Constitutional mandate to provide our children with funding for their education has been ignored. We need our legislature to stop failing our kids and families and start representing people instead of special interests.

I am honored to have served the community for five years on the Northshore School Board. As a school director I provide stable fiscal management placing students and taxpayers first. Under my direction, the school board enacted new goals focused on measurable student achievement providing accountability for student success.

Olympia needs effective leadership that values people over special interest dollars.
I understand the issues we face and bring the perspective of a teacher, board member, small business director and conservationist.

As a Senator, I will keep my independent voice and work for the people in the 1st Legislative District as I have for the students of Northshore. My top priorities are education funding & reform, balancing the budget without special sessions and encouraging a business friendly state that maintains our natural resources. Endorsed by: Rob McKenna, League of Education Voters, Bothell Councilman Tom Agnew and thousands more. I am asking for your vote.

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