2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Tim Probst

Elected Experience: State Representative, 2008-2012. Economic Development Council's Outstanding Leadership Award. Skills Center's Legislator of the Year. Washington Student Association's Legislator of the Year. Association for Career and Technical Education's Legislator of the Year. Endorsed by business leaders, firefighters, League of Education Voters, and many others. Tim avoids partisan extremes and just does his job.

Other Professional Experience: Sixteen years experience as budget analyst, CEO of job placement organization, supporter of veterans programs.

Education: B.A., cum laude, Government and International Relations, University of Notre Dame.

Community Service: Chamber of Commerce, Skills Center Foundation, school volunteer, avid outdoorsman.  The Probsts have raised their four children here since 1998.

Statement: Our community deserves independent, unifying, positive leadership, focused on the economy. We need unity, not partisan division. A father of four and former budget analyst, my moral compass is service to others. The only reason I do this job is to get real results for real people.

Protecting taxpayers: I've fought againstdebt and spending for years, opposed tax hikes, supported the rainy day fund and balanced budget requirements, and refused my own pay during special session.

A stronger economy: By working respectfully, empowering business leaders and citizens together, and designing solutions with clear return on investment for taxpayers, I passed my bipartisan economic agenda: 9,000 workers trained for new jobs, 2 laws cutting red tape for small businesses, 900 business internships for students, 3,000 scholarships for middle class families, lower dropout rates, the new WSU Vancouver engineering building, and job training benefits for our soldiers. When our troops come home, they deserve our support!

We need measurable results, not party ideology. We're blessed with the greatest nation in history. Let's exemplify unity and teamwork, and make America even better for our kids and grandkids. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, I ask for your vote. Far more unites us than divides us.

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