2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Tami Green

Elected Experience: House of Representatives 2004-2012, Majority Floor Leader, Health & Human Services Appropriations, Healthcare & Wellness, Labor & Workforce Development, Veterans Affairs, Joint Offender Task Force

Other Professional Experience: Registered Nurse for 30 years, Health Care Worker advocate,

Education: Bachelor of Arts, The Evergreen State College, Brigham Young University, Belleville Area College; AAS

Community Service: Raised in active duty military family, military spouse, mom, Grandmother, married 34 years with two children and three grandchildren, Community in Schools mentor, Church service with youth and public affairs, PTA secretary, Governor’s Task Force on Workplace Violence,Optum Mental Health Board, Playground Construction Captain – Ft Steilacoom and Chambers Bay Park.

Statement: I’m listening, and now more than ever, we need representatives in tune with our values. A nurse, mother and wife of a veteran, I understand the challenges of balancing family budgets. In these tough times many of us are making sacrifices and I cut my own legislative salary to help balance the budget.

I will work to hold government accountable, keep families in their homes, fully fund our schools, increase healthcare access, improve public safety, and help create local jobs. I will stand up to large corporations and lobbyists, and will work to get results for our families and communities.

(253) 861-2976