2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Leslie Klein

Elected Experience: Precinct Committee Officer, 36th District Republicans for 12 years.

Other Professional Experience: Twenty years in United States Air Force. Managed the initial contracts for the electronic warfare system in the F-22 aircraft. Taught American Foreign Policy at UW in Seattle. I learned how to work effectively inside a bureaucracy such as the State Legislature while in the AF. Self employed small business owner for 20 years. Teaches adult continuing education classes at Bellevue College.

Education: BS Engineering Degree in Metallurgy; MS degree in Ceramic Engineering, Case Western University, Cleveland Ohio.

Community Service: Member Ballard District Council; Volunteer Nordic Heritage Museum; Endorsed by the 36th District Republicans

Statement: The incumbent is a member of the Establishment that implement deep budget cuts which unraveled education and eliminated social services for the working poor, seniors, homeless, and children. It is time for a better approach to helping people out of poverty. I will restore balanced budgets that have been absent. I will support programs that help keep us safe. I will support bills that will create jobs and reduce regulations on business, especially small businesses. I will restore hope and change in this state.

If you want real change, vote for me and send a message to the Ruling Establishment!!!

(206) 854-3868