2012 General Election Voters' Guide
State Executive

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John R. Adams

Elected Experience: Lake Washington School District Board of Directors - 8 years

Other Professional Experience: Board Member Washington Assigned Risk - USL&H pool; 42 years as Insurance Underwriter and Broker

Education: University of Washington BA Business Government & Society; Hartford Insurance Group Career Development Program; Continuing Education in many different areas

Community Service: US Army 1962-65; American Legion; Port of Seattle FTAC committee

Statement: Ex-Congressman Kriedler has been our State's Insurance Commissioner for 11 years. It's time for a change. Over the past seven years annual healthcare premiums increased 50% and employee share of premiums increased by 63%. If premium trends continue the average premium for family healthcare coverage will rise 72 percent by 2020.

Our State Insurance Commissioner's system for regulating private insurance companies is outdated. It stifles and limits competition. Access of affordable insurance can be expanded through smarter regulations. Unfair underwriting practices must be stopped to elminate discrimination.

I will present a series of remedies to shortcomings of so-called "healthcare reform" to restore choice and increase market availability. I will provide leadership for enabling group purchasing of prescription drugs in this state to lower healthcare coverage costs and reduce Co-pays. State tort laws must be reformed to address rising costs to medical care providers in order to make treatment affordable.

With my four decades of experience as an independent insurance broker serving Seattle's commercial insurance needs, I know how to get insurance cost down for consumers. As a former elected member of the Lake Washington's School Board, I worked for better schools by cutting bureaucracy that discouraged good classroom teaching.

(206) 282-7000