2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Mark Mullet

Elected Experience: Issaquah City Council, Eastside Fire/Rescue Board Member.

Other Professional Experience: Leading a multinational currency team, Mark learned handling millions means accounting for pennies. Mark's thirteen years in international finance taught him the importance of smartly investing public dollars. Mark currently owns the Zeeks Pizza and Ben and Jerry's in Issaquah.

Education: A Bachelor's in Finance, Indiana University, opened the door for Mark's successful career in international finance, cementing his conviction that we must give more people the opportunity to attend college. His Masters in Public Affairs, University of Washington, provides a framework for informed public service.

Community Service: Issaquah Food Bank Board Member. Rotary Club.

Statement: In these tough times, the priority of any leader is strengthening our economy and creating jobs. Through my previous work in finance and now as a small business owner of Zeeks Pizza and Ben and Jerry’s, I’ve learned to write a budget, deliver great service even when times are tight, and learned what role government should play to enable businesses to succeed in our local communities.

My time on the Issaquah City Council has taught me the need to bring people together and that good ideas don’t always follow party lines. Embracing that mindset will help loosen the gridlock in Olympia. I look forward to working with Republicans and Democrats to solve problems.

Finally, my wife and I have four young daughters going through our public schools. We have a vested interest to make them the best schools in the country. This will ensure their generation can compete in our global economy. We also love our community for its natural beauty, and want to help preserve that for our children. Let’s work together to create jobs and keep Washington beautiful. I ask for your vote.

Mark is endorsed by retiring 5th district Republican Senator Cheryl Pflug and Mayor Ava Frisinger

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