2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Robert Reedy

Elected Experience: I have run for the legislature before-1986 & 1990.Also, Mountlake Terrace City Council 2011.

Other Professional Experience: I have worked in many government positions including the U.S. Census (since 1995) one must have a clean record to work for the Commerce Department. I am retired from Bell Telephone. Also, I am a licensed insurance agent. I am currently working at an environmental concern.

Education: Ph. D. in World History @ Pacific Western University; MPA @ Pacific Western University; BA Law & Justice Central Washington University; 3 degrees @ Edmonds Community College, also University of Washington mini-medical school & Harvard University CME.

Community Service: No information submitted

Statement: I believe in this election that jobs and the overall economy will shape the nation's and our state's future. The best welfare program for most people is a good job, so let's get the economy going. The rising tide lifts all boats, so with more and more jobs the solutions to the state's current woes will be found. If I was given the choice between raising taxes and supporting small business, i would side with small business as that is where a lot of jobs are created.

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