2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Jim Flynn

Elected Experience: Citizen Politician, Grassroots Activist

Other Professional Experience: Tradesman, Businessman

Education: Electrical Technology

Community Service: Founding Member Benson Hill Communities Progress Group; Sound Alliance, an IAF organization; Seattle LELO; 1st Save Lindbergh Pool Committee; Exec Brd 11th LD Dems

Statement: Should the state government be adequately funded with a simple, stable tax system? If you answered yes, then we share the same vision. Only We the People can solve the budget shortfall problem. We need to eliminate the state’s regressive sales and B&O tax. Elect a leader who will work to implement a simple and adequate income tax that will provide tax revenue stability during economic downturns. I am willing to take the shot. Send me to Olympia. Let’s get the ball rolling for a tax system fair to all. I need your vote. Together, we can get it done.

(425) 221-0883