2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Jan Angel

Elected Experience: State Representative, 2008-present; County Commissioner, 2001-2008

Other Professional Experience: Over 30 years in business, commercial banking and finance; Small business owner, Pierce and Kitsap; Managed: $330 million county budget; 1,200 employees; 16 bargaining units/unions

Education: Western Legislative Academy, Graduate; NYU County Leadership Institute Graduate; Attended Colorado State University, University of Alaska, business administration, finance

Community Service: Past Chairman/Board member of CenCom 911 Executive Board; Kitsap Health Board; Board member: Puget Sound Clean Air; Puget Sound Regional Council; Kitsap Economic Development Alliance; National commerce, insurance and economic development task force and too many more to list!

Statement: In Olympia Jan Angel is working to create a better environment for you, small business, local governments, and fighting out of control spending and taxation. Only a healthy small business climate will get our economy back on track. Government can do more with less of your hard earned money through careful auditing, better prioritization and creative solutions. Rather than pass the buck to local school districts, Jan believes we should fund education first, removing politics from education.

"I will continue to fight for accountability, efficiency and transparency... things you should expect from your government." Jan Angel

(360) 204-0776