2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Eric Herde

Elected Experience: None

Other Professional Experience: Lifeguard for Tacoma Metro Parks, 2009-present; Data Entry for Pacific Lutheran University Dining and Culinary Services, 2010-present

Education: Graduate of Washington High School in Parkland, WA; Student at Pacific Lutheran University in Parkland, WA

Community Service: Ecological restoration work with Forterra

Statement: In these hard economic times, our first priority must be creating jobs. First and foremost, we need to invest in our infrastructure. This will create jobs for working families now, and move us down a path of economic stability.

We must strengthen our K-12 education system and stop 14% annual increases in tuition at our top universities. By restoring funding for our schools we can reverse the course politicians in Olympia have taken. Education is what will lead to job creation in our communities. However, merely throwing money at our problems will not solve them. We need to encourage innovation at the district and school level so that solutions can be found to the diverse problems faced by our diverse schools.

As a college student whose scholarship was cut by the Legislature, these challenges are personal for me. Like so many other young people, I will now be forced into debt in order to gain the education necessary to compete in the global economy. I intend to be a voice of the future in the State Senate, focusing on education, which will lead to the 21st century jobs our community deserves. I ask for your vote.

(253) 441-5760