2012 General Election Voters' Guide
State Executive

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Bob Ferguson

Elected Experience: Elected three terms to the King County Council; unanimously elected Chair by colleagues to lead legislative branch of 150 employees; Law and Justice Committee Chair; 3-time Budget Chair.

Other Professional Experience: Law clerk in Spokane for Chief Judge Nielsen of the Federal District Court of Eastern Washington; Law clerk for Judge Bright of the 8th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals; Litigation Attorney, Preston, Gates & Ellis, one of Washington’s leading law firms.

Education: Law Degree, New York University; B.A., University of Washington

Community Service: Bob and his family are active in St. Catherine’s Church; Jesuit Volunteer Corps; Children and Youth Justice Coordinating Council on Gangs.

Statement: A fourth generation Washingtonian, husband and father, Bob Ferguson brings middle class values and independence to the office of Attorney General. Bob will reform government while protecting families, children, and small businesses from powerful special interests and dangerous criminals.

Bob will prosecute sexual predators to the fullest extent of the law and has a detailed plan to crack down on gangs. The Washington State Patrol Troopers Association, elected prosecutors, sheriffs, and law enforcement officials statewide endorse Bob.

A reformer, Bob has a record of protecting taxpayers and eliminating government waste. He balanced the County budget, pushed government to buy used furniture to save money, and returns part of his salary each year. He went against his party and risked his seat to eliminate four elected Council positions. Politicians talk about reducing government - Bob's done it.

Son of a public school teacher and Boeing employee, Bob will prosecute powerful special interests that rip off seniors, veterans, and taxpayers. Bob will fight insurance companies that wrongfully deny coverage to hardworking people. Endorsed by Washington Conservation Voters, Bob will prosecute polluters and force the federal government to clean up Hanford. Endorsed by Planned Parenthood, Bob will protect a woman’s right to choose.

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