2012 General Election Voters' Guide
State Executive

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Troy Kelley

Elected Experience: State Representative. Joint Legislative Audit Review Committee, Past Chairman. Washington Economic Development Association's Leader Award. Washington Council Police and Sheriffs Legislator of the Year. Endorsed by Realtors, teachers, firefighters, nurses, retirees.

Other Professional Experience: Business Owner, 1999-present; Lieutenant Colonel, Washington National Guard; Instructor, Army JAG School; Past President, Fortune 500 Company; Regulatory Audits, SEC; Department of Justice.

Education: BA, University of California, Berkeley; JD, MBA, State University of New York, Buffalo.

Community Service: Tacoma Chamber of Commerce, Tacoma PTA, VFW, United Way. Youth football and baseball coach. Met wife Diane in 1990. They live in Tacoma with their two sons and attend St. Leo's Church.

Statement: Retiring State Auditor Brian Sonntag says, "Troy gets it! He's the independent voice we need to ensure state dollars are focused on the right priorities. He's unwavering in his work eliminating waste and holding government accountable, ensuring we have transparent government. We need his kind of leadership."

Troy believes in fiscal integrity. Leading by example, he was the first of 147 legislators to voluntarily cut his pay in the economic downturn. Troy is the only candidate in this race to cut his pay and refuse all special session reimbursement payments.

Troy believes our ability to focus on top priorities like education depends on our ability to manage budgets responsibly. That's why he voted to uphold the will of the people ensuring lower class sizes, and uphold voter-approved initiatives fighting unfair tax increases.  The News Tribune says, "The state needs more of his fiscal prudence. Kelley brings a welcome voice and small business perspective to the House and is strong on veterans issues."  The Moderate Washingtonian said Troy supports "fiscal responsibility but doesn't waffle and has stood up for basic fairness on issues that matter."

Hire Troy Kelley as your next State Auditor. Ensure our tax dollars are spent wisely.

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