2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Mary Ruth Edwards

Elected Experience: No information submitted

Other Professional Experience: Elementary Teacher,High School Drama Director, Customer Service and Sales,Training, Administrative Assistant, Church Pianist, United States Marine Corps

Education: AAS, Everett Community College; BS in Business Administration, Central Washington University; Masters in Elementary Education, Whitworth University

Community Service: Missoula Childrens' Theater, assisted with Miss Prosser pageant

Statement: In Olympia, I will exercise budget discipline, focus on government's core functions, respect property rights, and use voluntary incentives to encourage positive change. I will propose legislation to reform the B&O tax, return the education system to its core function, amend or repeal laws and regulations that impede business innovation and entrepreneurship, allow utilities to count clean hydroelectric power as a source of renewable energy, and work to repeal the estate, gift and inheritance tax.

I won't be doing it alone -- working with other conservatives in the legislature and listening to you. Together, let's improve the state we're in!

(509) 554-7864