2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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David Sawyer

Elected Experience: None

Other Professional Experience: David works as a law clerk and is studying to become an attorney. He makes a living by representing victims of illegal foreclosure by suing Bank of America and Chase bank. David is also a small business owner.

Central Washington University, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Land Studies; Washington State Bar Association (APR 6) Law Clerk Program (In Progress)

Community Service: David served as a Big Brother for Big Brothers Big Sisters. David served on the board of Project U (a United Way sponsored program created to increase volunteerism in our community).

Statement: David Sawyer has built a well-deserved reputation in our community as a leader who’s determined to bring people together, find common ground and get things done! David brings a fresh point of view to Olympia at a time when the same old politics simply isn’t working. But we need more than a new candidate. We need someone who has the trust of his peers. David has the local support of leaders such as: Representative Steve Kirby, Representative Connie Ladenburg, Executive Pat McCarthy, Prosecutor Mark Lindquist

David Sawyer will fight for jobs, better schools, and an accountable and responsible state government.

(253) 678-2276