2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Dan Swecker

Elected Experience: Senator Dan Swecker serves the 20th District and is the Vice Chair of the Senate Republican Caucus.

Other Professional Experience: The Sweckers owned and operated Swecker Salmon Farm, Inc. for 20 years. Due to regulatory burdens and attorney fees, the Sweckers were forced to sell the business and lay off employees. Dan does understand the burden government puts on business. Swecker was a Vietnam helicopter pilot and recipient of the Bronze Star, Purple Heart and Air Medal. Dan and his wife Debby live in Rochester and have four children and four grandchildren.

Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree

Community Service: Centralia Christian School Board and Foundation

Statement: The citizens of the 20th District have asked Senator Dan Swecker to help them find jobs, achieve regulatory re­form, and balance the state budget without raising taxes, and he has delivered. His political leadership has been proven time and time again while working with stakeholders and citizens to help Southwest Washington remain a great place to live.

Most recently and significantly, Dan sponsored an appropriation to provide infrastructure to the new Transalta Industrial Park. This million dollar grant is now serving as matching money for an additional $2.8 million dollars from the Federal Government for further development of the Industrial Park. The Transalta Industrial Park has the potential to support thousands of family wage jobs. Without Dan’s political relationships and his leadership, the money could have easily gone to other projects in the state. Swecker's voting record supports business issues 90% of the time.

As Vice-Chair of the Republican Caucus Dan helped plan and implement a bipartisan coalition takeover of the Senate from the majority Democrats. The coalition created a fiscally responsible budget and reduced the deficit by more than a billion dollars without raising taxes or using gimmicks.

Re-elect Dan Swecker for Senate.

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