2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Tom Riggs

Elected Experience: None

Other Professional Experience: Washington State Park Ranger since 1994, having worked in 5 different park areas. Currently the Park Manager of Camano Island State Park. Chaired the agency Law Enforcement Committee and the Public Safety Team. Served on the Director’s Performance Breakthrough Team and the agency’s Revenue and Efficiency Taskforce.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Outdoor Recreation from Central Washington University. Completed Parks Law Enforcement Academy at Skagit Valley College.

Community Service: President of the Camano Island Chamber of Commerce. Sunday school teacher. Volunteer with WSU Waste Wise program.

Statement: I have been proud to serve my fellow citizens for the past 18 years as a Washington State Park Ranger, but I am frustrated by a political system that isn’t working for 99% of us. I want to go to Olympia to be your voice. To stand up for labor rights, tax fairness and social justice, and to help create a sustainable economy by: reinvesting in our state, taking the lead in renewable energy, and supporting our schools and local businesses to build strong communities.

It’s your government, spending your money, it’s about time it starts working for you!

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