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Mike Kreidler

Elected Experience: Mike Kreidler has served with distinction as Insurance Commissioner since 2001. Mike also served as a school board member, State Representative, State Senator and U.S. Congressman.

Other Professional Experience: Mike worked as a Doctor of Optometry for 20 years. He was a small business owner and served as Director of Region 10 for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Education: Mike earned a Doctor of Optometry degree from Pacific University and a master’s degree in public health from UCLA.

Community Service: Mike is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves. He has been a member of a number of community service organizations.

Statement: Mike Kreidler is a strong and independent voice willing to stand up to powerful industry interests as the state’s top advocate for insurance consumers. In his first three terms, Mike Kreidler saved consumers over $300 million in auto and homeowners’ insurance by cutting excessive premium rates proposed by insurance companies. His free advocacy program helped consumers recover over $160 million in wrongfully delayed or denied claims.

The people of our state deserve quality, affordable health insurance. Mike Kreidler has worked tirelessly to make sure that insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to those of us with health issues. Mike is fighting for legislation that will stop non-profit health insurers from stockpiling excess profits. He will continue working with consumer, business and legislative leaders to make health care reform a reality and bring hope to the one million men, women and children in Washington who have no coverage today.

Mike Kreidler is a proven leader who has served the people of Washington with dedication, fairness and hard work. That’s why he’s consistently earned endorsements from consumer, labor, business, retiree, educational, and health care organizations and individuals across our state. Please join them by keeping Mike Kreidler as your Insurance Commissioner.

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