2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Derek Stanford

Elected Experience: State Representative; currently serving on Education Appropriations and Oversight Committee, Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee (vice chair), and Business and Financial Services Committee

Other Professional Experience: Director of Analytics at a local telecommunications company; former small business owner, specializing in statistical analysis and consulting

Education: 1999 PhD, Statistics, University of Washington

Community Service: I serve on the Community Economic Revitalization Board and the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee.

Statement: I ran two years ago because I wanted Olympia to focus on what middle class families go through every day. Like you, I work hard, pay a mortgage, and raise a family.

That's why I worked for new investments in UW-Bothell so we can compete in the global economy. I championed the "Jobs Now Act" to create more living wage jobs, and helped pass a budget with no further cuts to K-12 education. I'm proud of my work to strengthen our drunk driving laws, and I'll continue to reject divisive politics, staying focused on issues that affect our families.

(425) 481-6231