2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Larry Haler

Elected Experience: State Representative, 8 years; Richland City Council, 14 years; Mayor, City of Richland, 4 years; Ranking member, House Higher Education Committee

Other Professional Experience: Larry has worked in the nuclear energy field since graduating from college in 1974; Licensed nuclear reactor operator; Managed nuclear reactor training; Docent for Hanford’s historic B-Reactor

Education: B.A. Pacific Lutheran University; MBA, City University

Community Service: Larry and Jenifer have been married 38 years and co-lead a growth group at their church; Opened the first local legislative district office; Constantly seeks input from citizens through emails and town hall meetings.

Larry Haler led the fight for a budget proposal to balance the budget by cutting bureaucracy and government growth, while protecting priorities like education and public safety. Setting priorities, we can fund essential services without tax increases that drag down our economy.

Larry champions job growth and economic development for our region. He worked tirelessly for a four-year WSU. He secured funding for the Clore Viticultural Center and the Port of Benton rail spur with a vision of creating economic growth and family waged jobs. Larry Haler's leadership is working for us. Leadership counts!

(509) 308-1957