2012 General Election Voters' Guide

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Maria Cantwell

Elected Experience: U.S. Senate 2001-Present, U.S. House of Representatives 1993-1995, Washington State Legislature 1987-1993

Other Professional Experience: Real Networks, Vice President of Marketing & Senior Vice President of the Consumer Products Division 1995-2000

Education: B.A. in Public Administration from Miami University

Community Service: Henry M. Jackson Foundation, Honorary Council of Advisors; South Snohomish Chamber of Commerce, Former Board Member; Mountlake Terrace Friends of the Library; Alderwood Rotary, Former Board Member; Apollo Alliance, Founding Board Member

Statement: Congress is bogged down in partisanship and gridlock. But Senator Maria Cantwell puts politics aside and does what’s right for our state. Maria is focused on job creation and keeping America competitive in the global economy - because she knows too many families are struggling just to get by.

That’s why Maria is working to make sure Washington State remains the hub of America’s aerospace industry. She fought unfair foreign competition to help Boeing win the $35 billion Air Force contract that could mean 11,000 jobs for our state. Now Maria is helping develop apprenticeship and job training programs so we have a skilled workforce for those jobs.

Maria’s fighting to increase Pell Grants and help middle class kids afford college. She co-sponsored a bill giving returning veterans access to a college education. She’s working to give laid-off workers and veterans access to job training at community colleges so they can develop the skills they need for new jobs.

To create opportunities for businesses to hire more workers, Maria voted to cut taxes for small businesses and manufacturers while pushing banks to loan to small businesses that want to grow. Maria recognizes that the federal deficit is a dagger pointed at the heart of our economy, so she’s working to cut wasteful government spending. She is pushing to end tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas and instead provide tax incentives for companies that create jobs here. And Maria is working to develop Washington’s new clean energy industry, which will create thousands of jobs across our state.

Maria kept her commitment to protect Social Security and Medicare, fighting attempts by both parties to cut these vital programs.

Senator Maria Cantwell is focused on making life better for our families and for the people of Washington State.

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